Peer Counseling

Work-Life Balanca

What is work-life balance (WLB)? And, can we even truly achieve it? There is no exact definition that’s mutually agreed upon for WLB. However, for the purpose of this article, […] Read More »


How many times has someone told you that you need to slow down or cut back on your drinking? Having an alcoholic beverage is not a new concept, and it’s […] Read More »


At some point, and at different times, we will eventually encounter some type of distress in our daily life. Everything is going great, and then it happens. It could be […] Read More »


Belonging. Family. You’ll never walk alone. These are the words that came to mind after a callout on November 16, 2022. That morning, I received a text from a Sheriff’s […] Read More »

The Power of Addiction

To admit that you are powerless over an addiction can be difficult for someone taking their first step toward quitting the addiction. Every instinct often cries out against the idea […] Read More »

Collateral Damage

Law enforcement has a drinking problem, and it should be recognized for the devastating collateral damage it is doing to departments, families, people on the roads and innocent bystanders. It […] Read More »


We have all seen alcohol used as liquid courage on television — the high-class lawyer takes a drink during lunch just before going into the courtroom for closing remarks. We […] Read More »