Peer Counseling


You and I make daily decisions that will determine our life’s direction. Those decisions can affect you and your family members for a very long time. They have tentacles that will touch your family and co-workers. Most join the Sheriff’s Department with the thoughts of improving their surrounding environment, making life safe and secure for […] Read More »

What Makes a Leader?

If you’ve followed recent events, you’re familiar with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has shown himself as a compelling leader. Somehow, he made it look as though he trained for the role of moral leader of the free world all his life. His brash courage and bold speeches urging Russia not to invade Ukraine and […] Read More »

The Morning After

A sergeant friend of yours is having a birthday celebration for his girlfriend at a local restaurant, and you’re invited. Your wife accompanies you to the party, and you notice several other couples at the gathering, many of them co-workers, as well as some singles. Everyone is having a good time. Having arrived with a […] Read More »


I wonder if you can relate to the story of, let’s say, Pat. Pat was drinking a lot, and it was starting to have a negative impact on Pat’s relationship and even began to affect his work. Pat was a bit more irritable than usual, did not have much energy and was finding that the […] Read More »

Coping with Chronic Pain

The psychological and emotional impact of chronic pain can have serious consequences. To the extreme, dealing with chronic pain can become so overwhelming that a person might suffer from severe depression or anxiety, abuse substances as a means to cope or even consider suicide as a means to end their pain and suffering. Research has […] Read More »


In March, we marked two unprecedented years that have changed our lives, our workplace and so many other aspects of the world in which we live. The one thing we all know is that the LASD and other first responders never stopped for a moment when the pandemic hit. In the midst of your personal […] Read More »


Alcohol is one the most commonly consumed substances in today’s society, used by millions of people throughout the United States. While most people know that drinking too much can lead to injuries and deaths in car crashes, many people do not realize that drinking too much can also increase the chances of suicide, unintended pregnancies, […] Read More »


Workplace disagreements are not uncommon. Employees spend a considerable amount of their professional life alongside co-workers and supervisors. The average full-time employee works an estimated 2,080 hours per year in their 25-to-30-year career span. For law enforcement personnel, 2,080 hours underrepresents the actual hours worked, as the value does not account for overtime. Thus, employees […] Read More »


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a chaplain, and why someone would want to be a chaplain? Well, first it takes godly compassion, and a lot of it. A chaplain needs understanding, patience and commitment. They also love people, are good listeners, are sensitive and able to relate, and stand ready to […] Read More »


It is exciting and comforting to know that we are not required to live our lives alone. The “impacts” of the events of life can feel like the intense shake of a California earthquake or like that of a blunt and swift stop when vehicles collide. Though life’s events can come quickly without warning and […] Read More »