Benefits and Dues

Dues  Top

Membership in SRA is open to all permanent, full-time employees of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Once you have become a member, you may remain a member throughout your career and even into your retirement. Benefits are available as long as you are a member in good standing.

The Constitution and By-Laws authorize the Association to charge members dues. Currently the dues are $16 a month for active members and for retirees.


Mortuary Benefit Limitations Top

Mortuary benefits effective January 1, 2020, are as follows:

Joining under 45 years of age: Member
Joining over 45 years of age: Member
Members who joined in the past, during an open enrollment: Member

The General Manager will handle all reinstatements and rehires on an individual basis.

Mortuary Benefits Top

Benefit is promptly paid to adult beneficiary, or directly to the mortuary. Comparable coverage by a private underwriter would entail a high premium, whereas this is another benefit of membership and is carried into retirement. Counsel and guidance is available from our staff to a distressed or bereaved family if desired. Learn more here.

Retired Member Benefits Top

Retirement may seem remote, but forethought should be given to this subject. It is our earnest wish that one and all will attain a regular retirement, but unfortunately, retirement occasionally arrives sooner than expected through service or nonservice connected disability.

Regardless of how you retire, except for deferred retirement, continued membership is available in the Sheriffs’ Relief Association. Retirement dues are payable by pension check deduction. Current benefits are the same as regular members except that sick and injury benefits are not available.

Upon a member’s retirement they are presented with a keepsake box, suitably inscribed, as a gift from us. Spousal benefits (loans, emergency assistance, etc.) have been made available on an individual basis, even after the death of the primary member.

The Sheriffs’ Relief Association remains your link with the Department you served. Our counsel and expertise is always available to retired members and their families.

Sheriffs’ Loan Corporation Benefits Top

New members may negotiate a loan of  up to $4,000 after 6 months of being a full time employee of the Sheriff’s Department.

The intent is to make small sums readily available for the needs of members. Interest rates on these loans will be attractive. Members must have a minimum of $700 available to qualify for a loan.

All loans are payroll deductible.

Sheriffs’ Relief Foundation Top

To more effectively manage the Sheriffs’ Relief Association’s charitable activities on behalf of its members, the Sheriffs’ Relief Foundation was established in 1982.

The Foundation was formed as a charity in order to solicit and accept tax-deductible donations to its funds. These donations will be used to perpetuate the funds and to make suitable charitable donations as determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Foundation Emergency Relief Grants
Rendered only in the case of dire emergency, wherein investigation by the Board of Trustees has determined true justification coupled with an inability to pay.

These matters are, of course, kept confidential, but it is common knowledge that such aid has greatly alleviated the burden of many members in time of extreme need.

Spousal Benefits Top

Spouses of deceased members are eligible to become Honorary Associate members without additional dues. 

Star News Top

Star News is the Association’s monthly publication. It is mailed to all active and retired members as a member benefit.

Sick and Injury Benefits Top

Sick and Injury benefits may be available when a member receives 50 percent or less of their County salary due to an illness or injury. This benefit will be paid to a lifetime maximum of $10,000. Benefit claims must be submitted electronically on the prescribed forms by the 5th of each month and are paid after verification. Claimant must be a member in good standing for one year to  qualify. 

A unique benefit during time of illness or bereavement is the assistance rendered to the concerned member and/or the member’s family by the managers of the Association and members of the Board.

Stores Top

Sheriffs’ Relief Association has two Emporium stores featuring LASD-themed gear and equipment. Click here for locations, hours and to view some of the products that we offer.

Tickets Top

Members have access to a wide variety of discounted tickets, including amusement parks, movie theaters and more. Click here to see a full list.