Event Winners

2016 Retiree Roundup

The winners of the 50/50 raffle were:

Mike Rice – Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (this was Mike’s first Roundup)
Tim Barker – Deputy Sheriff Belt Buckle from the estate of Sherman Block
Scott Clark – Invicta Watch
Duane Benson – Cash prize
Kathy Mullen – Cash prize
Marty Kullman – Cash prize
John and Val Gentzvein – Cash prize
Larry Anderson – Cash prize
Ken Coon – Cash prize
Tom Garagliano – Cash prize
Richard Duran – Cash prize
Brent Lemon – Cash prize
Mike O’Hara – Cash prize
Ann Edler – Cash prize
John Heckman – Cash prize
Sheila Smith – Cash prize
John Steele – Cash prize

The winners of the bowling tournament were:

For Men:
First Place with a series of 681 (including handicap) was John Villalobos
Second Place with a series of 669 (including handicap) was Jack Roth
Third Place with a series of 664 (including handicap) was Bernie Kammer

For Women:
First Place with series of 631 (including handicap) was Patty Ryzow
Second Place with a series of 615 (including handicap) was Debbie Roth
Third Place with a series of 607 (including handicap) was Cin Hollins

The winners of the slot tournament were:

Belinda Taylor – 1st
Kira Rice – 2nd
Donna Norton – 3rd
Ike Sabean – 4th

The poker tournament results were:

The following people all chopped for 1st place:

Robyn Mullen
William Hines
Rene Laporte
Tim Barker
Patricia Young

Golf Tournaments results:

Monday at AVI

1. H. Reed, L. Brown, C. Burnett
2. D. Gardner, B. Binkley, T. Grubbs, J. Whipkey
3. S. Mulcahy, J. Sylvies, M. Kuper, J. Ament
4. J. Ellison, T. West, D. Honda
(and there were 69 birdies on the day)

Tuesday at Los Lagos

There were 2 Skins that paid $140 each
K. Rosa and P. Mondry