Moments in History from the L.A. Sheriff’s Museum

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Start Your Engines

Deputies throughout the Sheriff’s Department often leave the engines of their radio cars running when they are not in their vehicles. When asked why, many of them reply, “We’ve always done it that way.” Read More »

The Search Probe

The Hall of Justice Jail opened in 1926 and was constructed with the best technology known at that time. After years of use, many cracks and crevices developed creating locations […] Read More »

Training Bureau History & Logo

In April 1936, the California State Peace Officer Association held meetings on how to better educate state peace officers. In December of that year, Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz formed the Sheriff’s Institute of Technical Training. Read More »

998! 2 Deputies, 1 Explorer Shot!

At the time Deputy Donald Bear graduated in Class 137 from the Sheriff’s Academy in January 1970, he had no idea that in just three years he would become involved in a horrifying shooting. After working two years in the Hall of Justice Jail, he transferred in February 1972 to Temple Sheriff’s Station. Read More »