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Lovette Caples

Title: “95 FOX”

95 Fox: This was my call letters in patrol at West Hollywood Sheriff Station
I was one of the 1st 12 women in the U.S.A. to work in police radio car. Until then, women were delegated to inside desk jobs. We were under a tremendous handicap. The male deputies received a full police uniform with all of the safety equipment. The women wore a mini skirt, nylons, high heel shoes, no gun belt or any other police equipment……/…/1773708368


Gary Gray

Title: Mud on My Badge

This book is about my time and experiences in the academy.  The book is designed to give people outside of the police world a glimpse into the academy and training of police officers so the ordinary citizen can       understand what a person accomplishes in order to wear the badge of a peace officer.  For the retired officer or the current officer it is a walk down memory lane and the ability to see how similar or different the training they incurred was to the training talked about in the book. Available at Barnes and in both digital and paperback, both in digital and paperback and google play and itunes in digital.


Ken Moulton

Kenneth Moulton’s new book “The Fastest Fox in the Forest” is a fun and exciting work of fiction for young readers.  Recent release “The Fastest Fox in the Forest” from Page Publishing author Kenneth Moulton is the thrilling story of a fox who must very quickly diversify his survival skills to overcome a new challenge.

Kenneth Moulton, a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, has completed his new book “The Fastest Fox in the Forest”: a gripping and potent story of a little red fox as he comes to understand the value of being resourceful and adapting to new circumstances.

Ken enjoyed creating bedtime stories for his daughter as she was growing up. As a lover of all animals, many stories were about animals and their adventures. “The Fastest Fox in the Forest” was one of his daughter’s favorite stories and has now come to life in print for other children to enjoy. He continues to enjoy the creative process of storytelling and is looking forward to more adventures with the woodland animals!

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Kenneth Moulton’s engaging tale follows a lively little red fox, who must adapt and learn to employ expertise beyond his primary skill. In the face of imminent danger, the little fox’s most prized ability—his speed—is compromised.

Being the fastest fox in the forest has always gotten this wiry fox out of trouble! How will he manage if suddenly he is not so fast? Will he listen to the advice of other woodland animals or will danger finally catch up to him? This is the story of how one fast fox learns the value of friendship and teamwork. But can teamwork really stop the advance of the fox hunt? Join the fastest fox and his forest friends on this adventure and find out if “speed is really all you need!”



Danny Smith

Retired Homicide Detective Danny R. Smith is the author of the Dickie Floyd Detective Novel series. His first three books, in order, are A GOOD BUNCH OF MEN, an Amazon #1 Best-seller, DOOR TO A DARK ROOM, and ECHO KILLERS, an Amazon #1 New Release. He has published a short story, IN THE CITY OF CROSSES  that is also part of the series, and chronologically fits between the first two books. Danny is currently writing the fourth book in the Dickie Floyd series and he writes a weekly true crime blog called THE MURDER MEMO.

A Good Bunch of Men

Door to a Dark Room

Echo Killers


Chris Lim

Title:  The Heart of a Healer, Trauma Informed Biblical Counseling

Synopsis:  Every person you know has either been through situations in their lives that have resulted in trauma or knows someone who has. The church has lost the art of wisely walking with someone as they experience the effects of trauma in their life. We are at a loss when a friend loses a child, a coworker finds out they have cancer, or we hear about someone being the victim of human trafficking. If you’re a fireman, nurse, police officer, pastor, counselor, schoolteacher, or any other profession that touches the lives of people, you have encountered people in trauma … you have probably experienced the effects of secondary or vicarious trauma yourself. You have felt the hopelessness and inadequacies of trying to help someone understand the in-explainable. This book is neither clinical nor theological in the traditional understanding of those terms. The Heart of a Healer outlines a practical and biblical approach to dealing with trauma. You will learn how to deal with it in your own life and how to effectively help others who are suffering through trauma.



Bill Weiss


In his new book “Never Again”, author Bill C. Weiss shares this true account and never before told insight into the hours leading up to, during, and after the Los Angeles riots erupted on April 29, 1992, in Los Angeles, California.

It is a compelling story, dealing with the emergent preparations and tough decisions he faced as a watch commander for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department while preparing Lennox Sheriff’s Station in South Los Angeles to intervene, as the nearby Los Angeles Police Department found itself totally unprepared to deal with this deadly and dynamic crisis.

Spreading unchecked from the major flash point of the South Los Angeles intersection of Florence and Normandie Avenues, this chaotic disturbance engulfed the city and portions of the surrounding metropolitan area.  Its affect would be felt throughout the nation, while it was observed throughout the world.  Many of its scars still linger today.

Weiss unravels what occurred behind the scenes as he deals with his internal instinct to take action, waged against his self-discipline to follow orders. He is put to the test up to the final moment, before being able to put his daring plan into action.

Little did anyone know that a mobile tactical response team, made up of extra on duty personnel that day from the nearby Lennox Sheriff’s Station, stood at the ready awaiting orders. The magnitude of this incident called for an immediate, decisive, and effective showing of force by law enforcement. This response team was ready to do just that.

As several recent incidents in Ferguson, Missouri (2014), Baltimore, Maryland (2015), and numerous incidents in 2016 and 2017 have shown, law enforcement’s initial response to and handling of these violent encounters and civil disturbances continues to resonate with the entire country.

“Never Again”, published by Morgan James in New York, was released nation-wide on November 1, 2016, to various retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, BAM, Powell’s, Indie Bound, and Chapters Indigo. The book is available on Amazon under the title or author Bill C Weiss. Copies of the book (ISBN 978-1-63047-904-6) are also available on his website,

“Never Again”, was selected in November of 2016 by the Beverly Hills Book Awards as the Best Book in the True Crime category, and as the Best Cover Design in the Non-Fiction category.

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Steve Lee

Retired Sergeant Steve Lee currently has his first book available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle.

Called, “Told in Twelve Words” it’s a collection of 100 horror stories, each told in exactly a dozen words.

Steve says in recognizing the new communication mediums of Twitter and texting, his goal was to stun the reader with horrific situations, instantly revealed as though by a muzzle flash in a dark room; an entire story told at a single glance.

He feels, he says, that his decades of law enforcement coupled with a year spent on an ambush squad in Vietnam contributed to his assessment of the darker side of the human condition represented on these pages.

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Tim Edwards

“The Manpower Pool”

Sean Donnelly, is a reservist in the United States Coast Guard on his annual tour of duty. He joins forces with a Navy SEAL team boarding a freighter in search of terrorists. They find who they’re looking for with the exception of one man and one item. That man is thought to be moving deadly uranium oxide, ‘yellowcake,’ to the west coast of the United States.

The NSA and CIA are picking up indications that someone is trying to locate the missing man and the uranium oxide. However, their suspicions are that there is more to it than what it seems.

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John Stanley

“Caged Spirits,” to the retirees.  A lot of the retired folks have read my non-fiction.  The novel is about an LASD lieutenant who retires after a tragedy in his personal life and becomes the captain of a jail in northeast New Mexico only to discover that it is haunted.  The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites.

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Robert Rangel

Retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Robert Rangel has authored several books titled, “The Red Dot Club” and “The Red Dot Club Victims’ Voices”. They are true accounts of officers, many of them Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s, recounting their incidents, in millisecond-by-millisecond time, as they are being shot and fighting for their lives. Many of the storytellers received the Medal of Valor for their actions. “The Red Dot Club Victim’s Voices” also includes other events so horrifying that the officers themselves become victims of their experiences.  

The books have been touted by many as a book every officer, and every citizen in America should read. Amazon reviews describe the books as, riveting, jaw-dropping, amazing, compelling, saddening, joyful and hurtful. The books have gotten the attention of producers in the television industry.  

Robert Rangel’s website is   He can be reached at

The books are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, I-Books, E-Pub and more.

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Frank LaFlamme

“EMP Los Angeles”  

In this cautionary and compelling tale written from a real police officer’s perspective, Southern California–along with much of the rest of the country–has suffered a complete infrastructure collapse following an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. No power grid, running water, natural gas, cell phone service,and virtually no motorized transportation. All happening without any warning whatsoever. Filled with plenty of action and suspense, this gritty and graphic story involves lots of conflicts–both physical and ethical–as well as exposing the reader to the shamefully inadequate state of public safety readiness. This fictional account is also replete with small examples of how citizens and public safety personnel alike might prepare for a catastrophic disaster such as an EMP attack. Although written as part one of a two part series (expected early 2015), it reads as a stand alone novel.  The book has already sold over 1500 copies.

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Cappy Gagnon

Cappy Gagnon was recruited from the D.C.-based POLICE FOUNDATON, by Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess as his final Executive Assistant.  He later served six years as Sheriff Sherman Block’s first Director of Special Programs, during which time he also served as a West Hollywood Reserve Patrol Deputy After protecting celebrities for 11 years, he ended his work life working for the Notre Dame Athletic Department, in charge of Crowd Management in the Football Stadium and managing special event security for the Notre Dame Police Department.  In 2004 he published NOTRE DAME BASEBALL GREATS (Arcadia Press).  Cappy is a former two-time President of the 7,000 member Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).  His book focuses on the more than 80 former Major League Baseball Players who attended Notre Dame and other Notre Dame men who have made significant contributions to America’s “national game”.  If you want to know the names of the persons who invented the batting tee; created the All Star Game; had a team’s nickname come about because of their early career; and pitched a Minor League no hitter at age 15, you’ll find the answers in NOTRE DAME BASEBALL GREATS.

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Milton Lee

Retired Los Angeles Co. Deputy Sheriff Milton Lee has authored a book titled, “Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal: A hypertension diary and log.” The journal has areas within it that assists the reader in the knowledge of how to track blood pressure, explanations on what systolic and diastolic numbers mean, different pressure classifications, women and their blood pressure changes, risk factors and how to manage high blood pressure. It includes logs for nutritional notes, physical activities, and doctor appointments. It also has a calendar section.

Reviews on Amazon has described it as simple to document BP and Pulse, and there are plenty of places to record activities and notes /questions for the physician as well.

Order this book via online at,, or call 888-795-4274 ext. 7879. It also can be bought via ebook.

The Second is an ebook titled, “The Mechanics of Humor and Laughter.”  

It gives the history, definition, therapeutic uses of, and effects of humor and laughter to help with battling off and assisting with the cure of diseases.

It can be ordered via ebook at manjleeprintedproducts and

Milton Lee can be reached a

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Sam Silva

“Surviving The Cross Fire –  Getting Through Life Intact”

Approaching life issues in a clear and straightforward manner tempered with a sense of humor, the author, Sam Silva gives food for thought to anyone entering a career or just trying to live the American dream.

This is a must read for parents and for those young people who desire to be successful as they move into adulthood.

Fight To Live:  The Legacy of Jimmy H. Woo

Jimmy H. Woo was a legendary street fighter raised in the brutality of his family’s secret martial art.  Without hesitation and with lightning speed, he frequently fought whenever challenged or the effectiveness of his art was questioned.

Read about the life of a man dedicated to street fighting who brought his amazing art from China to the United States.

Sam Silva

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Ken Cable

Three adventure novels by retired Chief Ken Cable


Three boys face the challenges of the wild when they wander off from their broken-down bus, lose their way in a spring snowstorm and end up lost in California’s High Sierras without food, shelter, warm clothing or tools for survival.  This novel tells a story of courage, tenacity and the will to survive in an unforgiving wilderness despite overwhelming odds and a rogue bear.

Highly rated by readers of all ages, LOST! is available in paperback or ebooks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Publisher – Reader Publishing
Group, Long Beach, California.

“Track of the Hunter”

A routine assignment for a summer intern with the U.S. Forest Service turned into a dangerous search for Big Game poachers in California’s Eastern High Sierras. Mark sat in his saddle looking down at the fresh horse tracks trailing up toward the Pinnacles. The 16 year old lifted his hat to signal the rang¬er riding up the trail behind him. His internship had just begun and Mark was about to run head-long into a gang of Black bear poachers and an illegal hunter stalk¬ing a rare Bighorn ram. Moments later, the first shots were fired.

Highly rated by readers of all ages, Track of the Hunter is available in paperback or ebooks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Publisher – Reader
Publishing Group, Long Beach, California.

 “White Shadow”

Sixteen-year-old Jeff Martin, whose Air Force father is missing after being shot down over Korea, his disconsolate mother confined to a sanitarium, is suddenly on his own. The one bright spot in his life is a white pony, left for dead at a horse auction near Los Angeles. Jeff nurses the small horse back to health and the owner sold it to him for working his stock at the auction only to have it stolen by horse thieves. Sheriff’s deputies say they’ll look into it, but that’s not good enough for Jeff. It was just after 5 a.m. and the first light of dawn streaked the eastern horizon as he rode out on U.S. 60 into the hilly California desert riding a Cushman motor scooter on his way across the Southwest to a small, black-dot town on a New Mexico road map to find his stolen horse. Along the way his simple plan – find his horse and lead it home –  did not foresee he would have to dodge lawmen across three states trying to head him off for his own good, escape from robbers, run from wild animals, and rescue an injured Indian girl.

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John Kocis

“My Life as a Lawman” Memories from a Historic Era

By Sergeant John Kocis, L.A.S.D. (Retired)

2012, Graphic Publishers

The author describes in vivid detail, his experiences over a 32 year career with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  The true life stories are written in a style that puts the reader inside the patrol car and present at many scenes of action.  From the riots of the 60’s and 70’s, through the Malibu Wildfires and deaths of fellow lawmen, to the arrest and trial of Charles Manson and his “family ” members, the author shares memories from this exciting era that paint a picture of the life of lawmen on the streets and suburbs of Los Angeles County.  

Signed copies are available from the author at or from Amazon Books.

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Claude Anderson


Retired Deputy Claude Anderson  has authored and published three police cartoon books under the titles “Radiocartoons”. The books are identified by Green, Red & Blue and contain 1300 cartoons complied while he was assigned to the Firestone Station. The Green book called “The Training Officer” follows a female training officer as she patrols with a “clutsy” male trainee.  The book won first prize with the Hollywood Book Festival and has been donated to five police academy’s for training purposes.

A book review can be obtained by going to Web-site-“”  

or by E-Bay under “Police Cartoon Books”.     E-Mail address is:


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Harold White

Whitey’s Career Case: The Insulin Murders,  by Harold W. White

Whitey and his team of investigators, medical experts, and prosecutors relentlessly pursued a depraved societal misfit from escaping detection for committing at least six chemically induced homicides over a 20 year period. His known victims included a male acquaintance, three wives, a nephew, and the ex-husband of one of his wives. The last victim was Mary

Brinker Post, sister-in-law of Manfred Lee, aka Ellery Queen.

This was the first case of its kind in any American court system to prove murder by insulin injection. Justice is not always swift but in this case triumphant.

Available on and for Kindle.

Harold “Whitey” White retired as a captain of LASD after 30 years of service. He spent fourteen years in the Homicide Bureau.

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Stephen J. Hemenway

“The Slouch in the Couch”

“Never Jump on a Grump”

“The Stinkells in Stankwell”

written by: Stephen J. Hemenway

The “Slouch In The Couch”, is a series of children’s learning books, with stories based upon a fantasy world which is found within a Magical Couch. These stories provide fantasy for children, with underlying morals, family values, and hints of right from wrong. There are nine of these books written, with the first three books of the “Slouch In The Couch” stories having been self published and available at All of the stories have been published in a local magazine out of Chino Hills as well.  The books have also sparked the production of original music, which has been recorded by “The Slouch

In The Couch Children’s Corner Band” as well as a public access family television program broadcast through cable television called, “The Children’s Corner.”  This program is currently being broadcast throughout the U.S. to approximately 4 million households.  The original music and television program which is all written, produced and edited

by retired deputy, Stephen J. Hemenway, can be found on youtube on the

“Slouchman Channel” at: .

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Anthony “Tony” Argott

Thee Last Pachuco Synopsis

THE LAST PACHUCO is the story of two men’s quest to find a serial killer in their midst. In 1985 there were over 800 murders in Los Angeles County. Both the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department were overwhelmed by the significant increase in gang and drug related violence.

A serial murderer in their midst was not unique, both departments had worked together to solve the Hillside Strangler murders. The newest string of prostitute murders were unnoticed at first and then given a second-class status even as the two men search for answers.

One man, DETECTIVE FRANK ORTEGA, is responding to the requirements of his position as a Sergeant in the Los County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau and his desire to find justice for the victims.

The other man, JOEY “CHUCO” LOPEZ, is trying to find his way in life after being paroled from state prison. His driving force was to respond to the request of his best friend, BIG HOMIE CABRAL, to stop the killings of his girls and find the KILLER.

The first prostitute murder goes almost unnoticed by police. The following prostitute murders are obscured by a greater threat to the Los Angeles public – the NIGHT STALKER serial murders. The Night Stalker murders began in earnest on March, 17, 1985. The prostitute killings began shortly thereafter.

Both ORTEGA and CHUCO recognize that the prostitutes being targeted are connected to BIG HOMIE CABRAL’S criminal organization. BIG HOMIE is the shot-calling, drug dealing killer currently housed in Soledad State Prison. The KILLER leaves very few clues, other than his Method of Operation and the area he operates within, exclusively the East Los Angeles area of the county.

ORTEGA attempts to separate the prostitute killings from the ever-growing NIGHT STALKER murders.  He is rebuffed, detoured and delayed by his supervisor and the prostitute murders are lumped in with the NIGHT STALKER killing pattern. The killings become so intense and terrifying for the public that the outcry for safety demands that a NIGHT STALKER TASKFORCE is created.

CHUCO’S investigation continues, even as he comes to grips with the death of his adopted Jewish father. After his release he sets in motion his conversion to Judaism, the last request of his father. He begins to track down leads in the prostitute murders, clues that lead in only one direction, that the KILLER is a law enforcement officer. He later finds that his connection to the KILLER is more personal, involving the murder of Chuco’s father many years before. That murder occurred when Chuco was 12 years old and sent his life in a direction he never thought possible.

The KILLER selects his victims exclusively from a stable of a shot-caller gang member from Big Hazard gang. CHUCO’S investigation reveals the relationship between the KILLER and BIG HOMIE, connections that disclose a violent past on the part of the KILLER and BIG HOMIE.

As the NIGHT STALKER murders come to a conclusion and he is identified and captured ORTEGA and CHUCO begin to identify a different suspect in the prostitute murder.

ORTEGA’S investigation into official police files divulges a connection between the KILLER and a murder that occurred in 1967, 18 years prior to the prostitute murders.  It was ORTEGA’S first murder investigation, the murder of CHUCO’S father. That murder has remained unsolved for 18 years.

ORTEGA and CHUCO both come to the realization that the murderer is possibly law enforcement related. They set up a plan and attempt to bait the KILLER into identifying himself without exposing other women to danger.  Their attempt works, to a point, it draws out a killer, just not the KILLER they thought. Both of them are unsatisfied with the resolution of the case. They both believe the KILLER has not been identified and justice has not been done for the victims.

Thee Lost Pachuco

The discovery of a murdered young Asian female floating in a barrel at a local park and a police shooting that ignites a riot set off a chain of events that leads to a Chinese organized crime syndicate operating a human smuggling ring, prostitutes and drug money laundering scheme in Southern California.

Sergeant Frank Ortega, L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau leads the investigation of the murdered young girl. He discovers the weapon used to kill her was used in previous murders. Joey Levario-Lopez is also investigating the murder of his friend Big Homie Cabral’s brother. The two investigations cross paths and culminate in Ortega and Levario-Lopez’s worlds being turned upside down.

Thee Lost Pachuco is the sequel to Thee Last Pachuco.

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Frederick Price

Books by Frederick Price: Lieutenant, LASD Retired

The Chad Belmontes Mysteries are available in paperback or Kindle editions from  Please visit my website at for more information about my books.

Lair of the Dragon (Chad Belmontes Mysteries Book 1)

It began with a simple lie. A concocted report, written by a veteran cop, to close what he thought was an unworkable case. And it wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. When Metro Detective Sergeant Chad Belmontes wraps up a case by falsely reporting he has met with the witness, he unwittingly gives the witness an alibi for murder. Caught up in his lie, he attempts to find the witness before his superiors can discover the truth. But the witness has vanished; and what Belmontes doesn’t know, but will soon learn, is that his bogus report has set in motion a scenario of death and deceit that will threaten to end his career–and his life.

The more Belmontes searches for the witness, the more complicated things become. It turns into a game of cat and mouse leading to a ruthless Chinese crime boss who will go to any lengths to stop him from finding the witness and discovering the real reason behind his mysterious disappearance.

Dragon’s Ghost (Chad Belmontes Mysteries Book 2)

In a strange motel room, on the night before his wedding, retired Detective Sergeant Chad Belmontes wakens to a living nightmare. On the bed beside him is the body of a strangled hooker and everything points to him as her killer. With no memory of how he got there, or who the dead woman is, he flees the grisly scene determined to find out what really happened. To learn the answer, he must begin his own desperate search for the truth. And he must find it before the police arrest him for murder.

With the help of his fiancée, Cassie Wong, Belmontes turns up several leads that suggest someone has tried to frame him. But the closer he comes to discovering the identity of the person responsible, the more incredible his situation becomes. For every clue points to a man that he knows is irrefutably dead. A Chinese crime boss, gunned down in a Chinatown alley—and Belmontes pulled the trigger.

Magic Dragon (Chad Belmontes Mysteries Book 3)

A kidnapping for ransom of a seven-year-old Chinese girl reunite retired Detective Sergeant Chad Belmontes and Homicide Detective Sergeant Bob Stanny in a new investigation on the Island of Oahu.

When the parents of an abducted seven-year-old girl ask retired Detective Sergeant Chad Belmontes to find her, he is reluctant to become involved. But when they tell him their daughter is a diabetic and in need of medication, he agrees to do what he can—with the condition that the FBI and local police are also brought into the case. However, as a recent arrival in paradise Belmontes is at a loss where to begin. It is then that his wife (Cassie) uses her knowledge of Oahu, its people, and the support of her extended family to help him unravel the first knot of the puzzle. What he discovers is a revelation that shakes him to the core, and one that no one but Belmontes believes is possible.

Race Against Time (Science Fiction time travel adventure) Available from in paperback and Kindle.

In the Mojave Desert two vacationing detectives find a severely burnt man—blind and unable to speak—standing in the middle of a remote highway. Within minutes he is dead. When a short time later his body mysteriously vanishes, their only proof he ever existed is a small silver orb found on the pavement next to his body.

At the center of this adventure is Detective Sergeant Bob Mackey, who by happenstance finds himself transported to the twenty-fourth century. There he encounters a small group of scientists trying to save the Earth from a catastrophic plunge into the sun; an event spawned by a global nuclear war that began with a missile attack on Washington, D.C. in the late twentieth century.

When Mackey learns the initial attack was orchestrated by a group of global conspirators intent on establishing a new world order, he agrees to help the scientists prevent these madmen from launching the missile that will destroy the nation’s Capitol. With less than two weeks to accomplish his mission, he returns to his own time with a warning not to seek help from anyone, because no one can be trusted.

From its tense opening to its riveting conclusion, Race Against Time is a science fiction thriller that will hold the reader in its unyielding grip.

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Joe “Mango Race

JOE “MANGO” RACE  — AUTHOR  —  RACONTEUR  —   also E-format/Amazon, B

& N, etc.  —

Movin’ On,   Ramblin’ On

Continuin’ On,  Travelin’ On

Moon Over Manila

Hawaiian Paniolo

Sitting on a Goldmine

Floater on the Reef

Christmas in the Tropics

The Royal Headley of Pohnpei

The Korean Shadow (Children) – with George Race

Shrimp: The Way You Like it (Cookbook) – with Tony Pellegrino

Adios, Muchacho!  – Burn in Hell

The Mystery Hotel – another adventure with Tom and Carlos, and Dobie Zeus


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Jerry Boyd

Firestone Park: Policing South Central Los Angeles by Jerry Boyd Amazon

Books print and Kindle

Firestone Park: Policing South Central Los Angeles is  a collection of war stories from the author’s years as a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department working one of the highest violent crime jurisdictions in the United States.  The book takes you from call to call, some of them humorous, some tragic, and others nearly unbelievable. For those that worked “the Stone” the book will bring back memories.  For those who didn’t, or are not in law enforcement, it will provide insight into what occurs on the streets in one of the toughest crime areas in the nation.

FROM THE CHIEF  (Amazon Books in both print and Kindle)

The latest book from former LASD Deputy and Sergeant Jerry Boyd is a compilation of his From The Chief columns in American Cop magazine plus others written after that magazine ceased publication in August of 2014.  The columns, and the book, provides a critical look at important policing issues of the day from the perspective of a veteran law enforcement officer and fifteen year Chief of Police. The book pulls no punches calling out the political correctness which infects far too many police agencies today.

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Steven W. Knight

1853 Los Angeles Gangs – novel

Historical Fiction: Timeless TRUE Novelized history of lawless L.A. gangs of 1853 and the Rangers who battled them. L.A. beckoned Horace Bell with love and police work and he could study for the Bar. Violence brought his rapid retribution. For Paulette Bovierre, with a lost love in France, Horace Bell had a promising future. She was pure strength in adversity. L.A. offered Don Tomas Sanchez political power as he fought to keep the status quo. The Americans had already grabbed too many Mexican ranches. For Dona Jacinta Talamantes, her love at first sight starts a triangle between Horace and Paulette. Love lived forever. In Roy Bean’s heart, L.A. was a place to have fun “whorin'” and to be a ranger. Yes, sin permeated everywhere. Humor existed for their survival. Juan Flores’ must first kill the Chinese, then all the Americans. His gang would revolt against the new order. Now all must face the largest struggle ever seen in Los Angeles. Character counted when one ranger challenged 100 miscreants.

Amazon books:

1857 Los Angeles fights Again – novel by Steven W. Knight

If you like a great epic American true story with realistic action that spans both coasts, read on. Travel back to 1857 where are real hero, Horace Bell, is fearless whether facing villains or fighting for his country in our Civil War. As a Northern army officer he must face the fact that his beloved hails from the antagonist South. The saying, “Go West, young man,” leads our hero back to L.A. to fight the war all over again. Brutal gunfights, love, humor, and lust fill the pages from beginning to end. Witness the Chinese massacre, the enslaved American Indians, and the Mexicans loss of title to one-third of California. This story is truly “the last of the Wild West.”

Amazon books:

Also wrote:  Hallmarks For Police and Fire Collectors – 1850 to Present;

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Badge History – 1850 to Present in their

2000 Annual – 150 Years of Service

Also involved with eight other National Police and Fire books such as:

State Troopers of America: by Col. Mauldin (2007);

Law Enforcement Memorabilia by Monty McCord (1999);

The Centurions’ Shield – History of LAPD by Ray Sherrard (1996);

Badges of America’s Fire Heroes by Don Skalsky (2010).

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Susan Hutton


Susan Hutton, Author (Wife of LASD List member Bill Hutton)

On September 21, 1984, big sister Adrienne married a legend, THE GODFATHER of SOUL JAMES BROWN. James always says “their souls met a long time before.” I am confident, with all my heart, that theirs was a very special union and that Adrienne loved James – to death. By 1986 married life fit snugly around the newlyweds. James publicly thanked “God first, and then my wife, who gave me a new look and a new outlook.” Indeed, Adrienne and James energized each other in many private unspoken ways. They even shared similar childhoods – only separately. James was a throw away child. So was Adrienne. Adrienne and James were raised in ghettos, by women other than their mothers. They both longed to belong. James was raised in a whorehouse. Adrienne’s mother was a whore. James contributed to his family’s income by bringing men home to his aunt’s bordello. Adrienne’s mother brought men home at a price too. James grew up in the South, where his color was the first thing people saw, instead of a talented, sensitive, human being. Adrienne grew up in South Central Los Angeles, where the first thing people noticed about her was that she stuck out like a white thumb. James is black. Adrienne was white – with self-imposed black highlights. Ultimately, the brightness of James’ star dimmed both of their senses, along with their drugs of choice. They shared similar obsessions too, which sometimes even included each other. Adrienne lived to be everything James wanted in a woman and a wife. James wanted everything … and then he wanted more. The God-Father is master of his house. And the master disciplined with a heavy hand, as the eyes of the press and the world got to peek. Adrienne had finally found a father and a god for the price of her soul when she married James Joe Brown, Jr. Twelve years later she would be officially dead.

This is the story of getting from point A to SOULED OUT – even with a laugh track. It carries a personal message about the choices that we make – become the reality we create – and that nothing is completely black or white.


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Paul G. Petredis

Escape from North Korea


The incredible true saga of the quintessence of survival: in vivid detail, the ongoing near-death encounters during the author’s 14-day escape following capture, from North Korean forces.

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Larry Rupp

The Duck Theory

Retired Deputy Larry Rupp finished a published book on his autobiography called “The Duck Theory” by Lawrence J. Rupp. It is presently on sale on and soon to be on Kindle Fire. The list price is $19.10 but as soon as it came out on 09/11/14 it dropped the next day to $17.25, then the following day it dropped to $15.25.

It’s all about his 31 years in law enforcement, one and a half with Compton P.D. and twenty-nine and a half years with L.A.S.D. I worked ghetto stations mostly, then a drill instructor for three and one half years and the Special Enforcement Bureau for eight and one half years.

It is going to be rated by two well known New York City reviewers called Kirkus Indie and Foreword Clarion. Their reviews will be ready by late November of this year and will give a fair opinion of what they think of the book. It has a dedication to eighteen individuals who had a dramatic affect on his life and career and all have since perished.