SRA Updates


Greetings all 4100 + members of
We will be launching the new website on Tuesday December 18, 2018.  911 Media, the publisher of the Star News, the SRA website and the nations leader in the publication of law enforcement publications and websites,  has done an outstanding job building our new site.

Please read the following very carefully. 

Like our old site, the new site has a members only section.  However 911 Media has made it possible so that once you log into the members only section, you will stay logged in.  However (there is always a “however”) we have ditched the old members only sign in program which means that your current user name and password will not work on the new site.
Again, please read this carefully:
Your user name is the email address that you use to receive the “Moon Mail or “List Mail” whichever you prefer to call it.  We have provided 911 Media with everyone’s name and email address that you use to receive the Moon Mail.  911 Media inputted each and every name into our system.  The user name for everyone on the new site will be your email address.  And again, I am referring to the email address that you use to receive the emails that either I or Burton Brink send out.

Again, please read this carefully:
If you are a current member of and have been a member since December 16, 2018 please follow these instructions for choosing your new password for the “Members” section.
On the new site, on the upper right hand side , you will see the members button.  Click on the members button and it will take you to the members page.  Under the “log in” button, you will see “forgot password” link.  Click on the “forgot password” link.  This will take you to the “forgot password” page and there will be a box where you will enter your email address.  Again I have to emphasis that you have to use the email address that you receive “List Mail” on.  Once you have entered your email address, click the “get new password” button.  You should then receive a “forgot password” email in your inbox.  The email will contain a link and it will take you to the site where all you have to do is chose a password that you want to use. 

Again, please read carefully:
Now like anything new, there are bound to be some glitches or gremlins in the system.  There are bound to be some of you who may have problems navigating this procedure.  Sometimes things are just bound to get lost in the transition.  But again, like anything new and given the fact that it involves technology, I expect Rich and I to be busy during this transition.  Please take that into consideration when you email if your not able to transition over.  Remember that there are currently 4100 plus members and if 10% have problems, I am looking at, at least 410 emails.  So I expect that we will be glued to computers for a couple of weeks till we work out the bugs.  So all we are asking is that have some patience.


Here are some of the new features on your new site:

In the members only section, you will now have access to all of the rosters that we maintain.  This includes the master roster, class rosters and city and state rosters.  Now there are bound to be those who will find some errors in the rosters that are maintained.  We would like to welcome Terri Williams (Retired Lieutenant) to our team.  Terri has taken on the task of correcting any mistakes that you might find on our rosters.  Again, we ask that you have patience because we are talking three rosters and 4100+ members.  Once the site is up and you have had a chance to peruse the rosters, and you do find an error, you can email Terri at  She will correct it and after the rush, we will post the new and corrected rosters as soon as all of the corrections have been made.
There is a new and improved briefing board in the members only section.  The same rules apply as the old briefing board.
The In Memoriam site is now searchable either by name or by year.
You will be able to read “List Mail” directly in the “Members only” section.
There is also a calendar which we will keep updated.  We would like to welcome Donna Lemmon (SRC) to our team.  Donna worked SRC and she will be assisting us with keeping the calendar up-to-date.
Our photo section has been completely redone.  All the photos of past Roundups’ will be stored on our website server.  This means that instead of all the links that used to take you to other photo sites, you will be able to easily browse through the many albums on the website.