Deputy Sheriff George R. Barthel

EOW: Apr 19, 1979

George R. Barthel

Deputy Barthel was shot while investigating a group of suspicious males. He and his partner were assigned to the Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Bureau and were assigned to patrol a housing project.

Deputy Barthel and his partner were walking up to a group of males when they threw drug paraphernalia into the bushes. As Deputy Barthel’s partner went to pick up the drugs, the shooter opened fire from across the street with a rifle, striking both Deputy Barthel and his partner in face and the torso. Both deputies were wearing bulletproof vests, but the bullets entered through the gaps in the sides.

Deputy Barthel’s partner used his own body to shield Deputy Barthel as they retreated to their patrol car taking fire from the suspects. Both deputies were transported to a local hospital where Deputy Barthel died later that day.