The Chaplain's Notebook


In March, we marked two unprecedented years that have changed our lives, our workplace and so many other aspects of the world in which we live. The one thing we all know is that the LASD and other first responders never stopped for a moment when the pandemic hit. In the midst of your personal grief and loss, you also witnessed the impact in many of the communities you serve. You were there when many others could not be.

We want you to know that during that challenging time, we were there for you, and we continue to be here for you now. Who are we? We are a group of 38 LASD chaplains, who include ordained clergy from various faith traditions, retired LASD personnel and lay professionals who are all trained to answer a call to serve and support you during difficult times in your professional and personal lives.

At our recent quarterly chaplains meeting, we experienced a powerful opportunity to extend our faith in a new way to a Department member and his wife as she continues to battle cancer. We were inspired by their strength and deep commitment to each other. We gathered to pray with them and for the doctors and all who are caring for her. We also held in our hearts and prayers their family and friends who continue to surround them with abiding faith, hope and love.

That day, the LASD chaplains recommitted to being here for you, too. We want to know how we can be present in your life and support you no matter what your challenges may be. You can reach out to us in a confidential email to Executive Chaplain Eric Morgenstern at He, in turn, will contact us with your prayer request so that 38 chaplains can pray for you, your family, friends and colleagues during difficult chapters in their lives. In addition, please seek out the chaplain assigned to your station or facility for ongoing support.

A final thought to share: We cannot promise that we have all the answers to your problems, but we can promise that you will not face them all alone.