From the Docs


For several in our Department, the year 2020 has been filled with both personal and professional challenges. We have mourned the loss of several of those closest to us. We have worked to find common ground with the populations of individuals we serve. We have grappled with the stress of the pandemic while attempting to find a sense of balance and hold on to who we are; this has eluded many of us. Collectively, in numerous ways, this time has been marked by crisis, stress and adversity.

But as I reflect on the previous year and all that has transpired, I believe that this has also been a time marked by incredible strength and courage, as sworn and professional members of our Department have continued to triumph over what they have faced, both personally and professionally, by banding together in support of each other. In doing this, there have been countless occurrences of leadership, kindness, courage and compassion (for each other and for those we serve) that have become visible, and many have proven that they are actually more capable, and perhaps more resilient, than they previously believed themselves to be. This has been a difficult time, but we have continued to move through it, and we are stronger because of it.

As within the work of law enforcement, in many areas of our lives, we will never truly know how prepared we are until we are tested. This period of time has tested us all. It has provided an opportunity to assess our strengths and areas for potential growth and to take an honest look at how equipped we are to withstand adversity. Like many of us, I am hopeful that 2021 will offer us an opportunity to resume the various aspects of our lives the way we know them to be. Going forward, we must continue to prepare and adjust our priorities so that we can strengthen ourselves and make meaningful contributions to relationships with those important to us.

The staff at Psychological Services Bureau has continued to work to enhance the support we have provided the Department during this time. We are here for you. Call (213) 738-3500 for a confidential consultation or appointment. Stay safe. Be well.