The Chaplain's Notebook


Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to you in the name of the Creator.
We ask you, Lord, to send your angels to protect all those who compose the LASD, that no harm will come upon all those who serve and protect.
We ask that all plans of darkness be exposed.
Keep them alert, awake and sharp in mind.
Provide them with abundant energy and stamina from their waking until they slumber.
Prepare them mentally and physically to handle each situation with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
Place them on the hearts and minds of your intercessors and prayer warriors everywhere that they may pray on their behalf.
Bless them in whatever you call them to do for the community, their loved ones and us.
Finally, Lord, we ask you to restore, bless and prosper their marriages, friendships, families and relationships.
In all these things, we ask that your sovereign will be done.