Given the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, I have decided to cancel the 2020 Roundup.  Rest assured that this decision did not come lightly for me. 

I have already set the dates for the 2021 Roundup.  The dates are April 11th through April 14th, 2021.


If you have already paid for the 2020 Roundup and we have cashed your check, please review all the options.

1. We can roll your money over to the 2021 Roundup along with your registration slip.  We can not guarantee that there will not be a price increase but we will try our best.  I know that I said in a previous message that you would not have to pay for a price increase but the truth of the matter is that we may have to raise the price a couple of dollars.  Robyn said that she will do her utmost to keep the price the same for 2021.  You will not have to send in a 2021 Roundup registration slip.

2. If you also signed up for bowling, slots and poker and you also want that rolled over with the Roundup fee, please let us know.  We cannot guarantee that those fees will not increase next year.  Any increased fees will be collected at the time of the Roundup.  If you want a refund on any of these events and you plan on attending the 2021 Roundup, you will have to send in a new registration slip with payment for those events.

3. If you are not sure that you are going to be coming to the 2021 Roundup, you can ask for a refund and we will do our best to get it out to you as soon as possible.  Please realize that Robyn and I will be busy with this for several weeks or even longer, so patience is the key word.  We will get them out as soon as humanly possible.  For those of you who have already requested a refund, we are mailing them today.

4. When the process for the 2021 Roundup comes around (usually around October) and you rolled your money over but you find that you will be unable to attend, we will refund your money.

If you have previously emailed me with your cancellations, you need not email me again.  My email account has been blowing up and I have just not had a chance to respond to each and every one.  I will also do a check of all registration slips we have and if I missed an email concerning your cancellation, it will be evident based upon our checks and balance process that I am instituting and I will contact you via phone or email.

If you recently paid for the Roundup and we have not cashed your check, we will be calling each of you and personally speaking with you on the phone and explaining the options you have (unless of course we hear from you via email first).  Those options are:

1. We can cash your check and roll it over to 2021. 

2. The same applies if you paid for bowling, slots and poker.  If you want it rolled over till 2021, we will do so. 

3. If you do not want us to roll anything over, we will keep your registration form on file and we will shred your check.

Please remember to cancel your hotel reservations immediately.  If for some reason you still plan to visit Laughlin during that time period, the Riverside will honor the discount for the 2020 Roundup (code is C/LASD).

If you signed up for station or unit events during the Roundup, those refunds or rollovers will be handled by each station and/or unit coordinator.  Any unit/station coordinators can email me your instructions and I will get them out as soon as possible.

Here is a list of the coordinators and their email addresses:

Red Hats – Stotts Wendy <mirgir@aol.com>
LASD Motors  – Mark Saunders – marc.saunders@gmail.com
Golf Tournaments – Norm Copping – ncopping@sbcglobal.net
Class 142 Breakfast – Larrynronda@yahoo.com
Bowling – Bernie Kammer – bwkammer@sbcglobal.net
Lynwood – Al Garcia – LynwoodStation@gmail.com
Norwalk/Pico – Sally Harwell – shar104123@aol.com
Malibu – Gloria Gressman – rottychic@gmail.com
TST – Herman Cortez – hgcortez90805@yahoo.com
Industry – Larry Jowdy – lejowdy@yahoo.com
Detective Division – Bobby Taylor – bobby187t@aol.com
AV/Lancaster – Carlton Brandon – cwbrandon@hotmail.com
Aero – Jim Shuler – j.shuler@earthlink.net
Lakewood – Andy Lee – 2lilpuu@cableone.net
Arts and Crafts – Cin Hollins – iwoncin@msn.com
West Hollywood – AcousticCaptain@gmail.com
Firestone – Toni Veltri – toniveltri@aol.com or Jim Lally – jimlmicc@gmail.com
Santa Clarita/Altadena/Crescenta Valley – Carrie Stuart – carriestuart04@gmail.com
East LA – Nancy Malone – nlmalone@hotmail.com
SBI – Terri Williams – terrilynn42@gmail.com
Temple Station – Pete Loomis – pjloomis@aol.com
Lennox – Tony Hollins – ctln48@msn.com

Obviously the Memorial Service for Ollie Taylor has been canceled in Laughlin.  The Celebration of Life for Ollie in Prescott is still going to happen.  The date for that is April 24, 2020 at the Adult Center of Prescott, 1280 E. Rosser Street, Prescott, AZ 86301.  It will be from 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM. 

Those of you who won free nights at the Riverside in 2019 for the 2020 Roundup, those will be honored in 2021.  We will keep them on file.

Know that my email account will be blowing up at the receipt of this message by 4500 people.  I will respond as fast as humanly possible.  May not be until next year but I will respond.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.