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SRA initiate’s new voucher program to assist new Deputy Recruits entering the Academy in the purchase of required supplies & equipment

  Sheriffs’ Relief Association

Recruit Uniform & Equipment Voucher Program

The Sheriffs’ Relief Association has initiated a new no interest voucher program to assist new Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Sheriff recruits entering the Academy with the costs associated with the uniform and equipment purchases required upon entering the academy.  These costs can easily exceed $1,000.00 and can be a potential financial burden on new trainees pursuing a career with the LASD.  The program works as follows:

A recruit, upon being formally hired by the LASD Personnel Bureau, will be advised of the Uniform & Equipment Voucher program offered by the Sheriffs’ Relief Association.  They will be provided with a Recruit Purchase Sheet which will detail all the equipment required at some time during their training phase and the cost of the item(s) currently sold at either of the two SRA Emporiums located at the following locations: 

STARS Center Emporium                           Pitchess Detention Center Emporium
11515 Colima Road, Bldg B                       29300 The Old Road,
Whittier, CA 90604                                       Castaic, CA 91384  
(562) 946-7271                                            (661) 257-5320

The recruit can then respond to either of the above store locations and contact store personnel to arrange for the purchase of necessary requested list items. 
(One can purchase whatever they want that is on the list, but the voucher program only covers those items on the list and not other items sold at The Emporiums)
Voucher balances are then paid back to SRA at equal no interest payments over a period of one year via county payroll deductionIn order to qualify for this program, all applicants must join SRA at the time of purchase
*** This program is limited to a one time visit and purchase at one of the two Emporiums by Deputy Sheriff recruits entering the Academy only ***