SRA Updates


During the last two years Sheriffs’ Relief Association has made numerous and significant changes to our Emporiums both in modernizing the look of the stores and providing a wealth of new products.  As we move towards the creation of a ‘mega’ store with the completion of a new 12,000-foot square building (Currently in the planning stages), we will continue to pursue the acquisition and sales of products which are in high demand by our customers.  This can only be accomplished by providing products that you want which in turn we can acquire and sell at a highly competitive price.  Obviously, supply and demand drives our ability to sell to you at a greatly reduced price.   (We have an advantage over most similar retail outlets because we are not in business to make a profit – we just don’t want to lose money in the process – so the closer we can get to breaking even the better it is for you and SRA.)

To accomplish this, we need your input. We need to know exactly what products you would like the emporium to make available.  We also need a detailed description of that item – the exact brand, detailed product description, current advertised price and who offers it for sale.  Based on your input, you can help us determine what products are in the greatest demand.  We can then bargain with vendors who provide these products and procure them at the best price possible for you. 

Please forward your suggestions to:Ale Sanchez at

Also, please restrict your recommendations to those items that would one would normally hope to find at a law enforcement retail or agency store.   We are limited to space and are not trying to compete with non-law enforcement product retail outlets.  We will keep you posted of any input that results in the sale of new products.