Retiree Roundup Recap 2016

Well the lights have been dimmed, the boxes and files put away and everyone has returned home.  As they say in Hollywood, “It’s in the can”.  The 2016 LASD Roundup is over.  By all accounts, a great time was had by all.

Now for a bit of trivia.  How many Moon miles is the Roundup?  Well it is exactly 28.79 miles.  That is how many miles I put on my PF Flyers.

The dates for the 2017 Roundup are April 2, through April 5th, 2017.

Our illustrious news reporter, Ralph Williams will again be writing the article for the Star News and I will publish it to the list as soon as it is delivered to me.

The final official attendance this year was 927.  

The LASD Range Staff, Deputy Mitchell Jones and Joey Stoker and our HR 218 Crew (Walt Bouman and his cadre of dedicated volunteers) processed 371 retired members for the HR 218 National CCW (new record).  ALADS again funded the HR 218 process.  If you participated in the HR 218 process and would like to express your gratitude to ALADS, you can email the President, George Hofstetter at

We would also like to thank Sheriff Jim McDonnell for the LASD Range Staff who administered the HR 218 qualification course.  If you participated in the HR 218 process and would like to email Sheriff McDonnell and express your appreciation, you can email his staff at

The following units had functions during the Roundup:

Firestone Station
Red Hats
Malibu / Lost Hills Station
Norwalk / Pico Stations
San Dimas Station
Detective Division
AV Stations
Aero / ESD
Lakewood Station
West Hollywood Station
ELA Station
Lennox Station

For next year, we are exploring the possibility of a Karaoke Night and billiards tournament.  There is also talk of a SCV/CV/Altadena get together.
Jacque Franco runs our 50/50 raffle.  Between Jacque, Linda Engelbart, and other volunteers, they sold $9204 in ticket sales (new record).  Half of the money was given away in cash prizes and the other half goes into the bank for next years Roundup.

The winners of the 50/50 raffle were:

Mike Rice – Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (this was Mike’s first Roundup)
Tim Barker – Deputy Sheriff Belt Buckle from the estate of Sherman Block
Scott Clark – Invictus  Watch
Duane Benson – Cash prize
Kathy Mullen – Cash prize
Marty Kullman – Cash prize
John and Val Gentzvein – Cash prize
Larry Anderson – Cash prize
Ken Coon – Cash prize
Tom Garagliano – Cash prize
Richard Duran – Cash prize
Brent Lemon – Cash prize
Mike O’Hara – Cash prize
Ann Edler – Cash prize
John Heckman – Cash prize
Sheila Smith – Cash prize
John Steele – Cash prize

The winners of the bowling tournament were:

For Men:
First Place with a series of 681 (including handicap) was John Villalobos
Second Place with a series of 669 (including handicap) was Jack Roth
Third Place with a series of 664 (including handicap) was Bernie Kammer

For Women:
First Place with series of 631 (including handicap) was Patty Ryzow
Second Place with a series of 615 (including handicap) was Debbie Roth
Third Place with a series of 607 (including handicap) was Cin Hollins

The winners of the slot tournament were:

Belinda Taylor – 1st
Kira Rice – 2nd
Donna Norton – 3rd
Ike Sabean – 4th

The poker tournament results were:

The following people all chopped for 1st place:

Robyn Mullen
William Hines
Rene Laporte
Tim Barker
Patricia Young

Golf Tournaments results:

Monday at AVI

1. H. Reed, L. Brown, C. Burnett
2. D. Gardner, B. Binkley, T. Grubbs, J. Whipkey
3. S. Mulcahy, J. Sylvies, M. Kuper, J. Ament
4. J. Ellison, T. West, D. Honda
(and there were 69 birdies on the day)

Tuesday at Los Lagos

There were 2 Skins that paid $ 140 each
K. Rosa and P. Mondry

We would like to thank the following people/organizations who donated
door prizes.  If I missed anyone, I apologize in advance.

Barbara Persten (from the Estate of Sheriff Sherman Block)
Sheriff’s Relief Association
John and Bobbie Sullivan
Riverside Resort and Casino
Corky and Chuck Jackson
 Paul Forster
Jeff Springs
Mickey Reedy
10-8 Designs
Bob Briley and Etta Litch
Larry Jowdy
Coral Burgett
Al and Sue Kopperud
Cathryn Kotler
Clyde and CC King
Jim Johnson
Toby Heldreth
Jack and Jan Smith
Lee and Carol Nielsen

We would like to thank the following organizations for their monetary
donation to the Roundup.  Their generous donations help keep the costs
of the Roundup down and fund its operation.

Sheriffs’ Relief Association – Bill McSweeney –
ALADS – they also fund the entire cost of the HR 218 qualification
PPOA – Brian Moriguchi –
POPA FCU – Raymond Bartus –

We would also like to thank the following individuals who volunteer and through their hard work, help make the Roundup a huge success.

Charlie Engelbart – Starview Room Coordinator
Linda Engelbart – Registration Desk Coordinator
Jacque Franco – 50/50 Raffle Coordinator
Ike Sabean – Photographer Coordinator
Walt Bouman – HR 218 Chairman
John and Bobbi Sullivan – Range Porta-potties
Tony Hollins – Slot Chairman
Bernie Kammer – Bowling Chairman
Norm Copping – Golf Chairman
Henry Reed – Arts and Crafts Fair Chairman
Debbie Ryall – door prizes and 50/50 raffle
Mila Bouman – door prizes
Mabel Lee – door prizes
Dawn Forbus – door prize
Mel Savage and Ron Anstead – who undertakes the thankless job of alphabetizing the name
tags prior to the end of the Roundup.

And a big thank you to all of those folks who volunteered to work the Registration Desk during the Roundup.

And last but not least a great big thank you to my wife Robyn Mullen who works extremely hard from Sept till the Roundup.  Robyn handles all the money, checks, contracts, food ordering, name processing, printing of name tags, purchasing and tracking the door prizes, paying the bills, negotiating costs, etc etc etc and she also runs the poker tournament.

I  would also like to give a very, very special thanks to Retired LASD Deputy Jess Bembry for the very  thoughtful and meaningful gesture that he put forth and started on behalf of myself and Robyn.  I am just so glad that he did not tell the “snake lady” story.  And a great big thank you to all of you who followed suit with Jess’s gesture.  It was very touching to us both.

See you next year.