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Update your personal and beneficiary information with SRA

SRA recently sent out over 19,500 ballots to current members to enable them to vote in the upcoming election of new board member(s).  Almost 10% were returned due to inaccurate addresses because members had not, for whatever reason, updated their current information.    One can conclude that those who fail to update their address probably also fail to update their beneficiaries regarding their  SRA mortuary benefits insurance.   The failure to update either or both can result in the loss of benefits and, in some instances, benefits being paid out to ex-spouses rather than current spouses simply because a change was not made.  Often members also fail to inform their beneficiaries, often children, that they are a named beneficiary in a potential $8,000 death benefit and, due to inaccurate information,   it is often next to impossible to locate these people.  Members sometimes forget that these policies exist and since in some cases they have outlived their spouse, their children become beneficiaries of policies they don’t know exist and despite our best efforts we are unable to locate them.  

Don’t let your failure to update your address, beneficiaries, and where they currently reside let these payments either go unpaid or be paid out to the wrong person.  Call or email SRA at either (562) 946-7081 or and update your contact information and beneficiary information.