SRA Updates


Sheriffs’ Relief Association has partnered to support Moon Mullen and his new website, which should be released and become active sometime in November.  Moon and his staff and 911Media are currently implementing the final site changes after a thorough review of the new site.

We will continue to post information on our website pertaining to SRA services, issues, policy and membership changes that specifically apply to our current and retired members and to any individual either wishing to join SRA or seek more in-depth information about the organization.   Any other information pertaining specifically to retired members can be found on Moon’s website and can be accessed from the SRA site by clicking on the Moon Tab.  The support by SRA of the Moon site and the linkage to this site on our site will provide our members with the ability to easily navigate back and forth between the two sites.  The information provided on these two sites, combined with links to other sites of interest to both active and retired members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, will provide access to information on almost any subject involving our members, past or present, sworn or civilian.  This will also enable website managers of both sites to concentrate on specific issues regarding their specific sites thus reducing duplication of effort.   This will also provide them more time to devote to the enhancement of information pertinent to each individual site.  And, the most significant benefit of this new partnership will ensure that the Moon site will continue to be available and fully supported by SRA if Moon, and his staff are no longer able to support it.  Moon Mullen and his staff and supporters have provided an absolute invaluable service to the retired members, both sworn and civilian, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and we want to ensure this service continues in the future.

It should be noted that both the SRA site and the Moon site can be accessed by non-members of either organization.  However, both sites provide additional services and information to those individuals who are current SRA members and obtain a login and password to the members only section of the SRA site, and retired department members who join the Moon website and obtain their own personal login and password to additional services provided on that site.   There is also a yellow tab located on the top right section of the Moon site entitled ‘Donate’.  This will take users to a specific page on the SRA website that gives users the opportunity to support the continued success of the ‘Moon Retired Website’.  The site depends on the generous donations of members, past and present, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to assist in funding the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of the site. Should you wish to donate to this cause just click on this button.