This is the official “Roundup Wrap Up” report. Every year I summarize what took place for those of you who attended and those of you who were unable to attend.

2019 Roundup – April 7th through April 10th – Riverside Resort and Casino

Well we have put away most of the boxes and files till next year. We are both busy trying to clear up loose ends and waiting on some checks so we can get the checkbook balanced. Putting this beast to bed is sometimes more daunting than resurrecting it each fall.

First news first – Robyn Update – She is on the mend and getting back to normal. Her stomach is still tender but other than that, she feels fine.

Normally, I wait till the end of this message to thank my wonderful wife Robyn for all the work that she does on the Roundup. This year I think she deserves to be at the top. A great big thank you to Robyn who works extremely hard from Sept till the Roundup and for about a month after. Robyn handles all the money, checks, contracts, food ordering, name processing, printing of name tags, purchasing and tracking the door prizes, paying the bills, negotiating costs, etc etc etc and she also runs the poker tournament. When she had to leave the Roundup early this year, reality set in. I had never done her job at the Roundup and though I know how much she does at home, she does that much and more while there. I want to thank all of you who stepped up and helped me get the things done that Robyn normally handles.

Every year since 2003, we have extended an invitation to the sitting Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Interim Sheriff John Scott was the first sitting Sheriff to ever attend the Roundup. This year Sheriff Jim McDonnell made a surprise visit to the 2018 Roundup. He spent time in the Starview Room on Sunday talking to retirees and Monday visited the Range on his way back to Los Angeles.

Our illustrious news reporter, Ralph Williams will again be writing the article for the Star News and I will publish it to the list as soon as it is delivered to me.

The final official attendance this year was 1143, which is a new record. We broke the old record of 1040 before we even left home this year. I would also like to remind everyone that widows and widowers of LASD Members are always welcomed at the Roundup. They are and will always be part of the LASD Family.

Trivia question. How many miles in a Roundup?
Answer: 25.11 miles. That is my total foot mileage for the six active days (for me) at the Roundup. Ninety two percent of that was right in the hotel.

The LASD Range Staff, Deputies Joey Stoker and Randy Tweedy and our HR 218 Crew (Chairman Walt Bouman and his cadre of dedicated volunteers) processed a record 473 retired members for the HR 218 National CCW. ALADS again funded the entire HR 218 process. If you participated in the HR 218 process and would like to express your gratitude to ALADS, you can email the President, Ron Hernandez at rhernandez@alads.org

We would also like to thank Sheriff Jim McDonnell for the LASD Range Staff who administered the HR 218 qualification course. If you participated in the HR 218 process and would like to email Sheriff McDonnell and express your appreciation, you can email his staff at jmcdonne@lasd.org

Thanks to all the coordinators of the twenty (20) unit functions that went on. The following units had functions during the Roundup:

Aero/ESD (Jim Shuler)
AV Stations (Brandon Carlton)
Carson Station (Chuck and Corky Jackson)
Class 190 (Joe Gutierrez)
Detective Division (Bobby and Belinda Taylor)
ELA Station (Nancy Malone)
Firestone Station (Jim Lally and Toni Veltri)
Industry Station (Larry Jowdy)
Lakewood Station (Sue Hendricks)
Lennox Station (Tony Hollins)
Malibu / Lost Hills Station (Gloria Gressman)
Norwalk / Pico Stations (Sally Harwell)
Red Hat Gang (Kim Stotts)
San Dimas Station (Dave Barker)
Santa Clarita/Cresenta Valley/Altadena (Carrie Stuart)
SBI (Terri Williams)
SED/SEB (Art Medina, Doug Dolan, Mike Kennard)
Star Post 309 (Ernie Billie)
Temple Station (Pete Loomis)
TST (Herman Cortez)
West Hollywood Station (Jeff Springs)

Next year Mira Loma and LASD Motors are planning functions.

We again had a Karoke/Dance night on Monday night which went over very well.

The 1st Annual Cigar night was a huge success. Over two hundred were in attendance. The event was sponsored by POPA and they will be sponsoring next year’s Cigar night also.

Jacque Franco runs our 50/50 raffle. Between Jacque and the other volunteers, they sold $9,100.00 in ticket sales. Half of the money was given away in cash prizes and the other half goes into the bank for next years Roundup. $4500 was divided up in varying amounts and were awarded to fifteen (15) lucky recipients. The other $4600 goes into the bank for next year. Scott Groves was the lucky winner of the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. We also gave away two (2) Sheriffs’ Rings that were donated by Balfour.

This year marked an event name change. Back in 2010, Peggy Kisella came up with the idea to have a bowling tournament at the Roundup. The event idea took hold and it has become very popular. Sadly, in 2016, Peggy passed away. Peggy was the wife of Retired Deputy Larry Kisella and the sister of Patti Blyleven. Patti is the wife of Retired Sergeant Ron Blyleven. The new bowling Chairman, Bernie Kammer proposed the idea of permanently renaming the bowling tournament, The Peggy Kisella Memorial Bowling Tournament. In honor of this event, a poster was designed by Moon Mullen and it was printed up by Ike Sabean. In attendance at the dedication was Larry Kisella, Patti Blyleven along with Peggy and Patti’s mother Anita Pippi, and sister Nancy McGregor and her husband Mac. A poster was presented to Larry Kisella and to Patti Blyleven and her family.

There were 42 bowlers competing this year. The winners were:

1st place – Joan Raber with a 3 game total of 606
2nd place – Debbie Roth with a 3 game total of 599
3rd place – Sharon Kammer with a 3 game total of 594

1st place – Steve Bouche with a 3 game total of 677
2nd place – Jack Roth with a 3 game total of 601
3rd place – Gil Duron with a 3 game total of 600

The winners of the slot tournament (Chairman Tony Hollins) were:

Derek Sill – 1st
Keri Rodriguez – 2nd
Dan Salvatore – 3rd
Dave Donovan – 4th
Marilyn Segars – 5th

The poker tournament (Chairperson Robyn Mullen) results were:

The following people all chopped for 1st place:

Bob Ciulik
Jim Ciulik
Brenden Caslan
Bob Ghan
Dan Jackson
Steven Jimenez
Lee Leatherman
Ed Patton
Keri Rodriguez
Trudy Wilson

Golf Tournaments (Chairman Norm Copping) results:

Monday at Avi – scramble

1. Crookshanks, Ross, Ramierz, Abdesian
2. Hinkey, John and Judy Woolen, Ghan
3. Ament, Sylvies, Kuper, Mucahy
4. Reed, Black, Laporte, Bonsall

Tuesday Skins at Laughlin Ranch:

Robert Ramirez, Oliver Renner, Karl Newman and John Detreville


We would like to thank the following people/organizations who donated financially and/or
door prizes. If I missed anyone, I apologize in advance.

Riverside Resort and Casino
Mickey Reedy – Associated Tax Services
Yolanda Pinel Duran – 10-8 Designs and Sirens Java and Tea
Mark Thompson – Surefire
Balfour Rings
Mark Ortega – Rose Hills
Corky and Chuck Jackson
John and Bobbie Sullivan Larry Jowdy
Jim and Dawn Forbus
Coral Burgett
Larry Dobbins
Jeff Springs
Jay Sevoian
Roxanna Hart
Dennis Papp
Ed Price
Jim Campbell
Scott Edson
Judy Lewis
George Smith
Jeff Smith
Hugh Wahler
Tony and Cin Hollins
Janice Hansen
Lee and Linda Koury
Duke Elliott
Pete Ramirez
Jim Johnson
Dickie Floyd AKA Danny Smith
Robert Rangel

We would like to thank the following organizations for their monetary
donation to the Roundup. Their generous donations help keep the costs
of the Roundup down and fund its operation.

Sheriffs’ Relief Association – Bill McSweeney – WJMcswee@lasd.org
ALADS – they also fund the entire cost of the HR 218 qualification – Ron Hernandez – rhernandez@alads.org
PPOA – Brian Moriguchi – they also funded and sponsored Cigar Night bmoriguchi@ppoa.com
POPA FCU – Raymond Bartus – info@popafcu.org

We would also like to thank the following individuals who volunteer and through their hard work, help make the Roundup a huge success.

Charlie Engelbart – Starview Room Coordinator
Linda Engelbart – Registration Desk Coordinator
Jacque Franco – 50/50 Raffle Coordinator
Walt Bouman – HR 218 Chairman
John and Bobbi Sullivan – Range Porta-potties
Tony Hollins – Slot Chairman
Bernie Kammer – Bowling Chairman
Norm Copping – Golf Chairman
Henry Reed – Arts and Crafts Fair Chairman
Sue Hendricks – door prizes and 50/50 raffle
Debbie Ryall – door prizes and 50/50 raffle
Leslie Smith – 50/50 raffle
Mila Bouman – door prizes and 50/50 raffle
Mabel Lee – door prizes
Dawn Forbus – door prizes and 50/50 raffle
Jim Forbus – Assistant Starview Room Coordinator
Donna and BJ Lemmon – envelope stuffing and transportation and care of delicate item
Owen Tong – Official Roundup Photographer
Mike Reyes – Official Roundup Photographer
Buddy Fowler – Official Roundup Photographer

And a huge thank you to all of those folks who volunteered to work the Registration Desk during the Roundup.

If I left anything out or omitted anything or anyone, I beg forgiveness.