Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, Los Angeles County Firefighters, and other Department personnel worked long hours away from their families in protection of our communities during the many recent fires.  The Rye fire hit close to home when it impacted hundreds of acres on the grounds of the Pitchess Detention Center (PDC) property.  Deputies and firefighters worked valiantly in an effort to control and contain the fire, but we did sustain some structure damage and loss.

 Unfortunately, we lost one unoccupied Los Angeles County Jail System building, the Sheriff’s Relief Emporium, several other storage sheds and out buildings, and the Facilities Services Management building.  All were destroyed by the fire.  In addition, the upper and lower shooting range areas at the Weapons Training Unit sustained substantial damage or total loss in some areas.   

We are thankful no one was hurt at PDC.  We are also appreciative of the great job our Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department personnel have done throughout these challenging circumstances and will continue to work together in the protection of life, preservation of property, and throughout the process of rebuilding at PDC.  

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