SRA Updates


Sheriffs’ Relief is in the process of totally redesigning and rebuilding all our automated systems to better manage our business processes and provide greater service to our members.  This is a process that will take approximately 18 to 24 months to complete.  One of the many benefits will be to provide a much greater level or security to protect the information of individual user accounts as well as being able to provide members with greater access to their individual information such as the status of current loans. 

SRA also is in the process of collecting the personal email addresses of members so that we may be able to more efficiently provide our members with current and more timely information on such items as special events, updates on benefits and new and special offerings at the SRA Stores.   You can greatly assist us by forwarding us your current email address.   NOTEOnly personal email addresses – we do not want nor can we accept LASD email addresses.   Those addresses are restricted for LASD business use only and although SRA has a strong and close ongoing relationship with the Department, we are not sponsored by nor are we an official organization attached to or managed in any way by the Sheriff’s Department. 


Please forward to the following information to: