SRA Updates


The Sheriffs’ Relief Association strives to improve the services it provides its members.  Sixteen months ago we embarked on a program to entirely revamp our website and our stores (Emporiums).  We have completed our buildout of a brand new website and mobile app and have taken major steps to improve our stores in both service and products.  We have also made improvements to the publication of Star News.  These projects are ongoing and continue to evolve and improve over time.  The best judge of a product or service will always be the members who use them. 

Now that we have instituted these changes, we would like to solicit input from you, our members, regarding improvements in both our web content and the products we provide for sale in our stores.  We additionally welcome any input you may have in how to improve our Star News publication.   If you have a suggestion for improvement, changes, or new products please email your thoughts and suggestions to:

SRA Website:     Bill Salveson at

SRA Stores (Emporiums):  Dave Godfrey at

Star News:  Bill McSweeney at

Note:  If you are suggesting a new product to be carried in our stores, please forward the name, complete description, cost and current location it can be seen.  


SRA 2017 New Upcoming Projects

Over the next year SRA will be replacing all the automated systems that are used to manage and process loans, membership, and all the other business aspects involved in managing our 19,000-member organization.    These changes, when completed, should allow members to access greater information regarding current loan information and status and a more robust online database of products available.  We are in the initial process of developing an RFP (Request for Proposal) for distribution.  The entire process from start to finish could take up to 18 plus months to complete.   This process also coincides with the below project:

SRA is in the process of preparing to relocate our headquarter offices in Whittier.  We have been notified by the Department that our current location will be part of the Star Center Campus site for Advanced Officer Training and home to the majority of the Department’s Detective Division Bureaus. Although a new SRA office site has not been financed, our new home will be more centrally located to serve our members and will allow for a much larger store and administrative office space.   Once a final site has been approved by the SRA Board of Trustees, we will notify the membership of the location and projected opening date.