SRA Updates

Message from Sheriff McDonnell


The appreciation and gratitude I have for all of you and everything you do every day in keeping Los Angeles County safe cannot be overstated. Together, we have just experienced, along with our partners in Dallas and all our law enforcement families, one of the most devastating instances of ambush and murder on police officers in our Nation’s history. I thank you for your daily professionalism, courage, and dedication to our overall mission. Please know and express to your families that I will do everything within my authority to ensure your safety as you go about your daily duties and continue to make incredible sacrifices for the good of all of us. Just by supporting our chosen profession, your families have also made a commitment for a better society. We must support them above all.

There is no doubt, the images we are seeing coming out of Dallas are disturbing and unconscionable, and they sicken all of us and those who support our efforts as the protectors of our freedoms and what we stand for as the thin line between peace and chaos. We are also seeing unprecedented acts heroism from the Dallas Police Department. We must remain calm, committed, and supportive of our fellow officers as we continue to carry out our duties in the protection of our communities. We are reminded that an overwhelming majority of the public supports all that we do each day for their protection and it is only a small percentage that choose to intentionally disrupt our democracy.

We must look out for our family members, loved ones, partners, and the community, and be aware of our surroundings like never before. We are a unique group of public servants who are challenged daily. You continue to make us all proud as you selflessly put yourselves between danger and the public we serve.

Remain vigilant and unwavering in your daily commitment to all we represent as peace officers. Together we stand strong and united.

As a showing of solidarity, unity and support, I authorize all Department members to wear our memorial badge bands until our fellow fallen officers are laid to rest.